A Detail & Level Survey is completed for design and assessment purposes and is typically required for a Council Development Application although it has many more uses. Local Councils may refer to this type of survey as a Contour Survey Plan, Detail SurveySite Plan.

A Detail & Level Survey is often requested by the Architect or Designer before they commence their design process for new builds or renovations because it provides them with information important to the planning and design process.The information shown includes the levels of the land, the location of features such as trees, rock ledges, adjoining buildings and other improvements on the land.

However, a CMS Surveyors Detail & Level site plan goes a step further showing easements, rights and the position of sewer mains. CMS Surveyors also check the Title Deed of the land to see if there are any restrictions or covenants affecting the land and these are noted on the plan.

CMS Surveyors can deliver your quality Detail & Level Survey in formats such as traditional hard copy plans, PDF or Auto CAD.

You can download a copy of the Survey Plan requirements from each of the Sydney Metropolitan Councils here. Please note that this is updated from time to time however it is up to the individual to check the current requirements for your local Council.

Contact us for more information regarding our Detail & Level Surveys. An example of a typical CMS Detail & Level Survey is shown below:

Example of a Detail and Level Plan