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CMS Surveyors are fully registered and have over 20 years experience in Detail and Level surveys. We’ll carry out your survey with professionalism, efficiency and, most importantly, precision.

Are you building, renovating, or making other changes to your property that require a land survey?

CMS Surveyors is the leading surveying firm trusted by architects, builders, and construction companies throughout the region. With over 22 years of experience, we are committed to providing top-quality surveying services that meet your project requirements.

We’ll provide you with the survey or plan that you need, with efficiency and precision. We pride ourselves on communication and quality of work, which means you’ll have confidence in moving forward with your project.

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What is a land survey?

A land survey is a comprehensive examination and measurement of a piece of land to determine its boundaries, dimensions, and characteristics. Our Sydney-based surveyors use specialised equipment and techniques to accurately determine the location, size, and shape of the land.

Land surveys also provide crucial information about the topography, elevation, and features of the land. This includes mapping natural or man-made features like buildings, roads, utilities, bodies of water, and vegetation. The survey data is compiled into detailed maps or plans that accurately represent the physical characteristics of the land.

Why do I need a land survey?

The primary purpose of a land survey is to establish and document the legal boundaries of a property. This involves identifying and marking the corners and boundary lines, often using physical markers such as stakes or monuments. The surveyor will analyze existing land records, historical documents, and deed descriptions to ensure the survey aligns with the legal description of the property.

Land surveys are essential in various situations, including property transactions, land development projects, construction projects, and legal disputes. They provide valuable information for property owners, architects, engineers, and government authorities to make informed decisions regarding land use, development, and property rights.

Overall, a land survey is a critical process that ensures accurate and legal descriptions of land boundaries, provides essential data for planning and development, and helps maintain the integrity and value of properties.

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Our team of experienced land surveyors possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in conducting precise and comprehensive land surveys. We utilize the latest surveying technology and techniques to deliver accurate results every time. Our commitment to quality, trust, and innovation sets us apart as the surveying firm of choice. With a large team at your disposal, we ensure availability when you need us the most.

We understand that different Council areas have slightly different requirements for plans submitted. A CMS Surveyors Detail & Level site plan covers all bases showed details like showing easements, rights, the position of sewer mains and much more. If we’re unsure, or you have special requirements we’ll communicate with you, your architect or builder to find our exactly what’s needed.

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