Barangaroo South Commercial (Lendlease)
Construction set out for 3 high-rise commercial towers

CMS Surveyors were the principal surveying contractor for the Sydney International Towers Project at Barangaroo with 6 full-time teams on-site. Our work commenced with the in-ground works in the contaminated zones and continued through to the accurate setting out of the facade. All structural elements including curved concrete edges, detailed set out of safety screens and control of the high-rise lift cores were part of the surveyor's daily tasks.

This large scale, and high profile, project involved our surveyors undertaking a variety of survey functions in a high pressure work environment. Timelines and schedules were maintained whilst achieving accurate and prompt survey services which are essential for high-rise construction cycles.

200 George St, Sydney (Mirvac)
33 storey high-rise set out including curved curtain wall

200 George Street is a 37 storey landmark development in the CBD of Sydney and CMS Surveyors were the principal surveying contractor for Mirvac Constructions. Initially, the project involved the set out of a 4 storey basement excavation for Mainland Civil. Once excavation was completed, CMS Surveyors, as principal surveyor for Mirvac, were responsible for the set out of all concrete structural elements. Additional survey requirements included the set out of curved glass facade, detailed structural steel on the roof and the set out of complex features associated with the construction of the foyer. This project also required the accurate set out of the striking mega columns which support the entire structure. This three year project has been an impressive achievement for CMS Surveyors, delivering a full-time survey service for a major client on a high profile building development.

Chifley Square, Sydney (Mirvac)
30 storey high-rise set out including exterior steel work

As principal surveying contractor, CMS Surveyors provided our client, Mirvac Constructions, with full-time survey services for 2 years. No. 8 Chifley Square is an innovative and progressive 30 storey commercial tower. CMS Surveyors were responsible for the set out of all major building elements including the concrete superstructure, precast mega columns, structural steel and lift cores, mega struts and facade bracing, and external steel fire stairs.

The unique design of this project created many surveying challenges. The 18 metre mega struts supporting the 30 storey structure were installed using precise surveying techniques, achieving required building tolerances and avoiding construction delays.

Mascot Square, Mascot (Atlas Constructions)
Construction set out for 500 residential apartments.

CMS Surveyors provided Atlas Constructions with the complete array of survey services during the entire duration of the project. With a full-time team on-site for 18 months, CMS began by producing the initial detail and level survey for design purposes. The team subsequently provided boundary definition, set out for excavation, piling, and construction, all the way through to landscaping set out. CMS Surveyors created a seamless surveying experience for the client, enabling Atlas Construction to deal with one firm for all aspects of surveying from design through to construct.

University of Sydney Tree Scan
Supply scan of historical tree for clash detection.

CMS Surveyors were contracted to supply a scan of a Morton Bay Fig in the grounds of the University of Sydney, adjacent to the site of a proposed new build. The site architects were concerned that the position of the new building would impact on the historical tree. CMS Surveyors provided a scan of the tree and overlaid both the proposed building and tree in a Revit model to illustrate the relative positions of both. Subsequently, a potential conflict was identified. Costly rebuilds and redesigns were avoided due to the early detection of this positional clash.

3D Model Of Birchgrove Streetscape

CMS Surveyors were commissioned to provide a 3D Model of the full elevation of the streetscape to assist the architect at the design stage. By modelling the entire streetscape during this phase, the architect was able to take into account the sightline of all dwellings surrounding the proposed new residence, and to minimise any potential impacts on all stakeholders.

3D Model of Building (Made Property Group)

CMS Surveyors delivered a full 3D Revit model of an existing building that is undergoing conversion from office space to residential. By supplying the structural engineers and architects with a 3D model, the slab thicknesses, column locations, and new lift shaft sizes can be easily and quickly established, thus ensuring cost saving at both the design and construct levels.

High Schools Project (DWP Suters Architects)

CMS Surveyors were contracted to provide detail and level surveys for 9 different high school sites across Sydney as part of a refurbishment program. With each site having differing and specific requirements, CMS delivered on a tight time frame across the entire project.

Hillsong Church (DWP Suters Architects

CMS Surveyors were commissioned to provide a 2D plan and Revit model of the Hillsong Church and associated buildings over an 8 hectare site. By utilising our scanning technology, CMS were able to provide the client with a product that far exceeded expectations and delivered within an extremely quick turnaround (2 weeks) for such a large and complex survey.

Malabar Headland Project (Thompson Berrill Landscape Design)

CMS Surveyors supplied an extensive detail and level survey for the proposed Malabar Headland Walkway Project. In order to speed up field work time, CMS utilised 2 survey teams and the CORS-net GNSS system. This enabled a quick turnaround between field and office and, ultimately, the delivery of the final product.