CMS Surveyors has the expertise to carry out Lettable Area surveys on small shops through to shopping centres (GLAR), warehouses (GLA) and multi-storey office blocks (NLA). These Lettable Area Surveys, prepared under the Property Council of Australia (PCA) guidelines, measure the area of a building for leasing purposes and are often used to assist with rental calculations.


Our Tenancy Survey Team can help you with:

  • Lettable Area Surveys (Nett Lettable, Gross Lettable, Gross Lettable Retail) in accordance with the Property Council of Australia Method of Measurement
  • Lease Plans for attachment to Lease Documents and Registration at the NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS)
  • Internal Detail Floor Plans to assist the design teams
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Gross Floor Areas and Floor Space Ratios
  • Internals of Buildings and 3D Modelling
  • Customised surveys to suit your specific requirements

CMS Surveyors is also experienced in the preparation of Lease Surveys. Please see more details under Deposited Plans.