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What is a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey, also known as a property survey or land survey, is a process carried out by licensed surveyors to determine and document the legal boundaries of a property. The purpose of a boundary survey is to establish the precise location and dimensions of the property lines, corners, and any easements or encroachments that may affect the boundaries.

Why do I need a Boundary Survey?

Boundary surveys are typically conducted for various purposes, including property transactions, construction projects, resolving boundary disputes, or establishing accurate property boundaries for legal purposes. They provide an essential foundation for ensuring property ownership rights, preventing conflicts, and maintaining the integrity of land records.

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What else do I need to know?

During a boundary survey, the surveyor conducts fieldwork on the property using specialized equipment such as total stations, GPS receivers, and other measurement tools. They will locate and measure existing physical markers, such as iron pins or monuments, as well as gather data on natural features like trees, fences, and buildings that may act as boundary indicators.

The surveyor will then analyze the collected data, including existing property records, legal descriptions, and historical maps, to determine the accurate boundary lines and create a survey plat or map. This document depicts the surveyed boundaries, dimensions, and any relevant information about encroachments, easements, or other notable features.

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