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CMS Surveyors are fully registered and have over 20 years experience in Construction Surveying, working on some of Australia’s highest profile constructions. We’ll support your project with professionalism, efficiency and, most importantly, precision.

From residential to civil and commercial projects, CMS Surveyors provide a comprehensive range of construction surveys to meet the needs of your project.

Whether its a one-off survey you need, or a dedicated team of surveyors on-site, we can help. Get in touch with our team to find out more, or browse our past projects here.

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What services do you provide for construction?

Good construction begins with surveying – it’s an essential first step in the planning and design process. It’s also necessary to engage a surveyor at different points during your project. Here are some of the types surveys CMS Surveyors commonly carries out in the construction industry.

Set-out Survey

Before any building work commences it’s a good idea to instruct a land surveyor to mark the corners of the land and at the same time mark the position of the proposed works. Marks are usually placed in a position relative to the designed position of the construction or offset by a set measurement. Once in place the setout marks can be referred to by the excavator, concreter, bricklayer and other trades. A Survey Plan is issued showing details of boundary measurements, offset measurements and other relevant information.

Identification Survey

Sometimes your lending institution may require an up-to-date Identification Survey Report at a particular point in the construction process in order for a progress payment to be made.
On completion of the construction your lending institution and/or Certifier may require a final Surveyors Report or Identification Survey showing the position of the improvements in relation to the boundaries as well as the height of specific features of the construction. This survey may also be required by Council when an application is made for a Building Certificate for the completed works.

Work-As-Executed (WAE)

A Work-As-Executed (WAE) Survey is done on the completion of civil works such as road, driveway and stormwater systems. It is necessary to measure the location, dimensions and reduced levels of the structures to compare with the approved design. Survey data can be supplied to relevant Authorities in different formats.

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