Nurturing young surveyors.

Looking for an exciting STEM, Design and Tech, or Maths incursion or excursion for your school? Interested in work experience or a presenter at your careers day?

We’d love to hear from you! We’re excited to host high school and tertiary students in our Northern Beaches headquarters to spread the word about careers in surveying and spatial science.

Our enthusiastic and friendly team will give you a taste of what a career path in surveying and spatial can look like now and in the future. From traditional surveying to aerial drones and 3D Modelling, there are experts in a range of fields here to help and encourage you.

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School excursions and talks

We’ve been lucky to host in-house school excursions from local high school groups, such as this group from Brigidine College, St Ives.

Bring your students to our Northern Beaches headquarters to learn all about 3D Scanning, Aerial Surveying and BIM (3D Modelling). They’ll get on the tools, see how data is captured, and then see how that data is turned into visual models for further application by architects, builders, government and more.

Or, book one of our staff as a speaker at your next school careers event! They’ll talk all things STEM and spatial, discuss potential career paths, and invite critical thinking around what the future careers in surveying might look like.

University Open Days and Career Expos

Interested in pursuing a career in Spatial engineering? Look out for us at your next university open day or career expo! Surveying can tend to go under the radar, so we’ve made it our business to spread the word about how diverse and technology-forward a career in spatial can be.

With practical, real-world examples of what we do, and our friendly team to encourage you, you might find that a career in Surveying is just what you’ve been looking for.

Work Experience

There’s nothing like learning on the job. If you’re curious as to whether a career in spatial and surveying is for you, work experience is the best way to find out!

You’ll work alongside our surveying and/or digital teams in our Northern Beaches headquarters, experiencing what a day in the life of a Surveyor is all about. Try it all, from working outside with our land surveyors on-site, to testing out your digital modelling skills with our BIM team.

We welcome students from Year 10 and up to participate.

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