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Are you leasing, managing or making other changes to your Sydney property that require a Lettable Area Survey?

A Lettable Area Survey not only helps you attract tenants but also fosters trust and transparency between you and potential lessees. By providing precise measurements and adhering to industry standards, you demonstrate your commitment to fair and equitable leasing practices.

Our Tenancy Department has the expertise to provide:

Lettable Area Surveys
Lease Plans
Marketing Plans
GFA (Gross Floor Area) and FSR (Floor Space Ratio) Surveys

All our surveys are carried out following the method of measurement set out by the Property Council of Australia.

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David Thomasen, Tenancy Manager at CMS Surveyors

David Thomason, Tenancy Surveying Manager

With more than 35 years of conducting Lettable Area, GFA and FSR surveys under his belt, Dave is one of Sydney’s most experienced and trusted Tenancy Surveyors.

Lettable Area Surveys

What is a Lettable Area Survey? Why do I need one?

Lettable Area Surveys are conducted to determine the exact rentable or leasable area of a commercial property. A CMS Surveyors Lettable Area is carried out in accordance with the Property Council of Australia Method of Measurement for office, retail or warehouse complexes.

CMS Surveyors is experienced in carrying out Lettable Area Surveys in three main areas as described by the Property Council of Australia.

Gross Lettable Area Retail (GLAR) for retail tenancy areas in shopping centres and commercial buildings
Gross Lettable Area (GLA) for warehouses and industrial complexes
Net Lettable Area (NLA) for tenancy areas in office buildings

This information is crucial for property owners, landlords, and tenants. With a Lettable Area Survey you’ll have the confidence to:

  • Negotiate lease agreements
  • Optimise and determine rental rates
  • Understanding the spatial layout of the property for OHS, marketing, and other purposes.
Example of a Net Lettable Area Plan.


CMS adheres to the Property Council of Australia Method of Measurement. This is widely used to calculate a property’s NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) rating (compulsory for all new builds in Australia over 1000sqm).

Lease Plan

You may need a Lease Plan if you would like register a lease. Registering a lease with the LRS mitigates confusion and possible tenancy issues in the future, especially if you are looking to sell the property.

We understand what’s at stake when you register a lease, which is why we make sure your plan fits the LRS guidelines.

Lease plan of Premises are prepared for attachment to Lease documents for registration on title at the LRS NSW (Land Registry Services NSW)
Plan drafted in accordance with guidelines set out by LRS
A sample Lease Plan for a commercial space in Sydney
Example of a Lease Plan.
A CMS floorplan showing design elements, being used for marketing.

Marketing Floor Plans

Marketing Plans are detailed floor plans prepared to show all “as built” structures within a tenancy area. This means you’ll be able to clearly show potential tenants where the boundaries of their space will be and what’s included.

They are also useful when working with interior designers and fitout contractors, as they provide a more visionary view of a space, while providing an exact plan for them to work from.

Clearly communicate with potential tenants
Shows all “as built” structures
Prepared as 2D AutoCAD drawing files
Suitable for marketing purposes, construction, design and fitout.

Gross Floor Area and Floor Space Ratio Surveys

The Gross Floor Area (GFA) is the total property square footage. This is measured by the space between the exterior walls of the building and includes leasable and non-leasable areas. Gross Floor Area (GFA) is required as part of the commercial DA process at both the proposal, and completion stage.

The GFA then informs the calculation on the Floor Space Ratio (FSR), which is a term for the ratio of a building’s GFA to the size of the land upon which it is built. Floor area ratios are used as a measure of the intensity of the site being developed.

A Gross Floor Area survey
GFA at proposal stage from building plans
GFA at completion, from measurements on site
FSR report

Most land in Sydney and NSW is subject to FSR control. This limits the extent of development that may occur on the land, relative to the size of the land. The limitations will change depending on the specific location of the build.

Floor Space Ratio (FSR) is a term for the ratio of a building’s total floor area (Gross Floor Area) to the size of the land upon which it is built. Floor area ratios are used as a measure of the intensity of the site being developed. The ratio is generated by dividing the building area by the land area.

Knowing your FSR is essential for meeting local and state regulations, and you’ll be able to make informed financial projections around costs and potential rental incomes.

Our surveyor, Pat, taking measurements by scanner on site

Why choose CMS Surveyors for your Lettable Survey?

Lettable Area Surveys need to follow specific industry standards. CMS Surveyors will prepare these under the Property Council of Australia (PCA) guidelines.

Our surveyors visit your property to meticulously measure each space, including offices, retail units, common areas, corridors, and storage areas. We use industry-leading techniques and adhere to recognized standards to ensure accurate and reliable results.

With our Lettable Area Survey, you will receive a detailed report or plan showcasing individual areas, dimensions, and essential information. This comprehensive document serves as an invaluable asset when marketing your property, as it provides prospective tenants with a transparent and trustworthy representation of the available space.

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