Deposited Plans

Managing Deposited Plans can be complex and confusing. CMS Surveyors makes it easy by providing all the services you need to to create, consolidate, redefine, and approve Deposited Plans.

Are you making changes or plans to a property that require a Deposited Plan?

We can help. With over 20 years experience in Deposited Plans in Sydney, we have the expertise to help you with creation, consolidation, or redefinition of your plan.

CMS Surveyors can also assist you in dealing with the complicated processes involved in obtaining approval from Councils and other relevant authorities.

We pride ourselves on communication and quality of work, which means you’ll have confidence in moving forward with your project.

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What is a Deposited Plan?

A Deposited Plan is a plan of survey or a plan compiled from a survey which has been lodged and registered with the NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS). This plan creates the legal identity (land title) by defining the boundaries of a parcel (lot) of land.

Here are just a few of the services offered by CMS Surveyors that relate to Deposited Plans.

Subdivisions and Consolidations

Our team of Registered Surveyors contains a wealth of experience and can provide service and advice encompassing surveys such as:

  • two or multi lot subdivision,
  • strata and stratum subdivisions,
  • rural lot subdivision for agricultural or housing estate purposes and
  • consolidation of lots.

Beyond Sydney, rural subdivision services of CMS Surveyors also includes redefinition of creek boundaries, road closures, telecommunication leases and more.


Our team of Registered Surveyors can advise on other aspects to improve the functioning of the subdivision such as the creation or removal of easements, rights and restrictions, covenants etcetera.

Draft 88B instruments can also be prepared and advice given when a plan of subdivision, redefinition or consolidation is required.

CMS Surveyors adhere to the strict requirements of the  NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) and can advise if a plan of survey or compiled plan and dealing is required to satisfy an authorities request.

Redefinition Surveys

Redefinition surveys may be required to re-locate the position of natural boundaries such as creeks, mean high water mark or even faces of rock that determine boundaries.

Under Stata Title the NSW LRS often requires that the boundaries of the land parcel be redefined prior to the registration of the Strata Plan. Again, a plan of redefinition will address boundaries that are lost or ambiguous.

Lease Surveys

CMS Surveyors is experienced in the preparation of Lease Plans, the requirements of which are determined by the length of the total term of the lease. A lease with a total term of more than five years constitutes a subdivision. Lease Plans can be prepared for a range of situations including, leases over land, roads, substations and many other purposes.

CMS Surveyors has also worked in conjunction with NSW Maritime and NSW LRS to prepare leases or License Diagrams, over waterways for reclaimed land, jetties, moorings, ramps, pontoons, slipways and boatshed


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