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CMS Surveyors are fully registered and have over 20 years experience in Detail and Level surveys. We’ll carry out your survey with professionalism, efficiency and, most importantly, precision.

Are you building, renovating, or making other changes to your Sydney property that require a Detail and Level survey?

CMS Surveyors makes surveying simple.

We’ll provide you with the survey or plan that you need, with efficiency and precision. We pride ourselves on communication and quality of work, which means you’ll have confidence in moving forward with your project.

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What is a detail and level survey?

A Detail & Level Survey is completed to gather data about a piece of land that is then turned into a Detail and Level Plan. It’s sometimes called a Contour Survey Plan, Detail Survey Site Plan, Feature and Level Survey, or, for example, Northern Beaches Council refers to this as a Boundary Identification Survey.

The information shown on the resulting Detail and Level Plan includes the levels of the land, the location of features such as trees, rock ledges, adjoining buildings and other improvements on the land. It may also include underground features and relevant details from adjoining blocks.

Why do I need a detail and level survey?

A Detail And Level Survey provides the architect and builder with essential information they need to begin planning their work. With this information they’ll be able to create a design that maximises the potential of your block, as well as making sure they’re adhering to any relevant rules and regulations.

You’ll also likely need to have a Detail and Level Survey done to meet the requirements of your local council.

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Why choose CMS?

Councils have slightly different requirements for Detail and Level plans. A CMS Surveyors Detail & Level site plan covers all bases showed details like showing easements, rights, the position of sewer mains and much more. If we’re unsure, or you have special requirements we’ll communicate with you, your architect or builder to find our exactly what’s needed.

CMS Surveyors also check the Title Deed of the land to see if there are any restrictions or covenants affecting the land and these are noted on the plan.

We’ll deliver your quality Detail & Level Survey in whatever format you prefer – hard copy plans, PDF or Auto CAD.

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