CMS Surveyors can help you enable smarter decision making, planning and design capabilities for your project with precision 3D Scanning technology.

Want to maximise the potential of your project? 3D Scanning opens the doors to a whole new world of smart choices through precision data.

We’ve invested in the latest 3D Scanning tech, so you’ll have the richest survey data possible. Scanning and 3D Modelling allows you to creating better products more efficiently and economically, particularly when it comes to refurbishment and redevelopment projects.

Our dedicated Scanning and Modelling Team is expertly trained in capturing and manipulating data to suit your project. Whether you’re looking for pure point cloud data or you need a finished 3D model, we’ve got it covered.

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Our technology

Our Leica P40 Laser scanner is able to capture 1,000,000 points per second to an accuracy of 3mm at 50m from the scanner and is able to scan almost any material or surface.  Additionally, the scanner can capture High Dynamic Range photography which allows the collected point cloud to be accurately coloured, creating what is akin to a 3D photograph of the site. 

A full 360° dome scan can be completed in under 5 minutes which allows sites to be surveyed at a speed and level of detail that has never previously been possible

Point cloud data

The data collected – the “point cloud” – serves as a digital record of your site.  We can provide this in a number of formats, including Leica Trueview, Autodesk’s Recap Format (for use in Revit, 3DS Max and AutoCad) and more. Point clouds can be loaded into Revit, Navisworks, Autocad or other CAD packages to serve as a reference for design, or for you to manage and plan your project with.

Point Cloud Deliverables

The Point Cloud can be used to build a virtual model of the site to the exact specifications required for the task. Depending on the requirements of the job we can then deliver:

  • 3D models
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Revit Models
  • Elevations and floor plans (in 2D and 3D)
  • Geometric information such as beam thicknesses and pipe diameters
  • Floor slab analysis
  • Rendered Flythroughs
  • Shadow/Solar studies

How can Scanning help me with my project?

Scanning isn’t just the fastest way to a great looking, precise 3D model. Its applications are diverse and widespread, providing valuable insights and enabling smarter decision-making in a whole world of applications.

Improved Decision-Making

Scanning provides valuable insights that aid in better decision-making. By analyzing digital spatial data, project managers, businesses and organizations can make informed choices related to resource allocation, infrastructure planning, risk assessment, environmental management, and more. This leads to more effective and efficient operations.

Optimised Planning and Resource Management

Geospatial scanning helps in optimising planning, managing resources, and identifying vulnerabilties. Plus, you’ll mitigate risk by spotting potential issues earlier in the project’s lifecycle.

Accurate Asset Management

Maintain accurate inventories and manage your assets more efficiently. By capturing and analyzing geospatial data, businesses can track and monitor physical assets, such as buildings, or equipment, and gain insights into their condition, usage patterns, and maintenance needs.

Collaboration opportunities

Digital data is easy to share. In a world where your strongest team might not necessarily be sitting next to you in the same office, it’s important to make collaboration on projects as easy as possible.

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