Aerial Mapping At CMS Surveyors

In response to a demand from our Clients, CMS Surveyors now offers aerial mapping solutions that are fast, accurate and offer innovative deliverables.

Aerial Scanning of rural properties

Our Chief Drone Pilot, Allan Steven explains, “Aerial Surveying using RPAS Technology opens up a myriad of opportunities. As one of the few Surveying companies offering the option of aerial mapping, you can be guaranteed of survey accuracy in all your resulting data.”

Aerial mapping offers versatility for our clients. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Topographic Surveys – a high density of measurements resulting in very high detail products
  • Site and Route Planning – reduced time and cost to map large areas with high detail
  • Geo-referenced orthomosaic photography
  • Safety and Progress Monitoring – audit change on a site over time
  • Resource Mapping – volume calculations 
  • Disaster Analysis – map erosion, flooding and the like quickly and cost-effectively
  • Marketing Materials – aerial photography for real estate, golf courses etc

And of course, CMS Surveyors are fully certified. We have been certified by CASA and we carry an ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate). CMS Surveyors are also accredited with the Australian Association of Unmanned Systems and is a member of the Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. With our Registered Surveyors, our in-house data specialists and fully certified Drone Pilot, you can be assured of the quality and accuracy of the finished product

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