DA vs CDC – Which one for me?

A DA (Development Application) refers to the process where Development Consent is required from Council in order to build something on your property – e.g. a new house, an extension or a deck…

In some instances where strict, pre-determined criteria are met and the property is in the appropriate area and land-use zones, a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) may be obtained from either the Council or an accredited private Certifier. Complying Development is designed to fast track low-impact forms of development that meet pre-determined criteria. The CDC application must be determined within 1 week. 

How do I know if a CDC Development can be carried out on my property?

To check on your property’s eligibility for a CDC, you can order a Section 149 Planning Certificate from your appropriate Council. In addition, it is highly recommended to seek planning and design advice from a Town Planner and Architect. The Sec 149 Certificate confirms the zoning and applicable rules for development of your property as well as State and Local Planning Controls. The current cost of a Sec 149 Certificate at Warringah Council is $53. CMS Surveyors have the expertise to help you every step of the way whether it is through the DA process or CDC

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