Laser Scanning Lachlan’s Line

CMS Surveyors are proud to have played a key surveying role in the construction and installation of the recently opened ‘Lachlan’s Line Pedestrian Bridge’ at Macquarie Park.

Lachlans Line Pedestrian Bridge Laser Scanning

 The project is currently featured in an in-depth article in Australian Welding Journal.

Our team was engaged by our friends at S&L Steel to carry out set-out and Laser Scanning work to verify that each segment of the bridge had been constructed within tolerance of the design, both at the factory site (Glendenning) and the temporary assembly factory at Macquarie Park.  The fieldwork used a combination of our Leica total stations and Laser scanners, including mounting the scanners to a nerve-wracking jig to be carried by the overhead cranes (shown below), allowing every surface of the structure to be captured in great detail.

CMS Surveyors also developed a number of unique methods to present the as-built information in easy-to-interpret plans which enabled engineers to pinpoint areas of concern as efficiently as possible.  We also delivered the results as a 3D point cloud which was coloured to show the as-built structure’s conformance with the design.

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