Guest Post: Peninsula Homes

The benefits of a comprehensive detail survey
By Paul Ackling – co-founder of Peninsula Homes

The first foundation of a great knockdown rebuild project is laid long before machinery arrives on site. In fact, it happens while people are still living in the old house. That’s because the first foundation is the detail survey of the property.

At Peninsula Homes, we use and recommend CMS Surveyors for all our survey work. They provide clear, accurate and comprehensive information on each job they undertake. The amount of information a detail survey provides is vital to our design process. That’s because, quite simply, all the decisions around heights, levels, side setbacks and even window placements, relative to neighbouring properties, comes from this one detail survey plan.

The information on a quality detail survey can save costs and have enormous ongoing benefits to the finished home. During our design process, we will often develop an elevation plan of the neighbours house. This allows us to see not only the height of their building but also location of windows. This affords the ability to adjust the height, size and location of our windows to provide privacy and to maximise sunlight. This type of detailing, from CMS, provides valuable and lasting benefits to our clients and neighbours alike. Without such comprehensive information provided by CMS surveyors, this level of planning would not be possible or would be inaccurate at best.

This solid foundation of accurate information from CMS runs right through each of our knockdown rebuild projects; saving time, energy, money and providing certainly every step of the way.

We highly recommend CMS to our own clients, as well as prospective clients, knowing there is consistency and professionalism in all they undertake

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