Scan to BIM brings heritage buildings to life

A concise and accurate development application is critical to the success of your project and helps avoid early delays that can scuttle the job altogether. This is especially the case with heritage buildings and buildings older than 50 years that require a Heritage Impact Statement.

The challenge to designers and developers is to provide the local authority with a detailed and precise record of the existing heritage building with which to best describe the scope of the adaptive reuse proposal and expedite approvals. This is not easy with Development Applications requiring exact measured drawings of the building showing materials, finishes and colour schemes as well as architectural elements such as doors and windows (showing fenestration details) balustrades, cornices, corbels, keystones, quoins, column capitals, plinths and a raft of other features. Capturing these details accurately can be very time consuming and difficult to document and in some cases impossible with conventional measuring equipment.

CMS provides the solution to capturing and modelling heritage buildings with our cutting-edge scan technology and BIM modelling capabilities. Capturing handcrafted and often inaccessible building elements is made possible with our laser scanners. Window fenestration and ornate door panels are represented in perfect accuracy with the vast cloud of point data captures from the 3D scan. Using

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