Metro Martin Place

Martin Place, Sydney NSW

Australia’s biggest public transport project.

CMS Surveyors is proud to have provided Lendlease with construction surveying services, scanning and BIM for Lendlease’s high profile project, Metro Martin Place.

CMS have been responsible for all survey requirements over the duration of this 4 year project, with a dedicated on-site team providing full-time surveying. The CMS Spatial team was also brought in to scan and model for the project.

Surveyors in the team include:

  • Stuart Soltau
  • Siva Sivasothy
  • Jaime De Andrade
  • Archie Moutevelis
  • Jordan Diaz
  • Hamish
  • Brian Whiting
  • Liam Bennet
  • Fred Pall
  • Damian Edwards
  • Ramez Shamoon
  • Andrew Irwin
Start Date: January 2020
Completion Date: March 2024
Services provided
Construction Surveying
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