Nick Sam is our newest registered surveyor.

Exciting times here at CMS HQ as one of our valued surveyors, Nick Sam, recently gained his BOSSI registration!

Becoming registered in a huge step in a surveyors career, and it’s through hard work, dedication and years of study that registration is achieved.

We know him as a workmate and surveyor that loves to innovate and get out in the field – and take over the kitchen making acai bowls most afternoons. But we thought we’d better share him better with you all! Meet Nick.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to be David Beckham and play for Manchester United.

At what point in your life did you first learn about surveying and what pulled you to it?

I didn’t know what a surveyor did until I became a chainy during 3rd year of uni! A mate told me you get to be outdoors and get paid well. 18 year old me thought it was a win-win. Looking back, it was the correct choice because I am a bit of a history and geography nerd.

What was your path to becoming a registered surveyor?

I started a Bachelor of Surveying at Curtin University in Perth, then got 2 years of on the job experience. After that, I decided to pursue registration , and that was 3 years of study while I worked full time as a surveyor with CMS.

What’s the best piece of career/surveying advice you’ve received?

Do your checks!

Most memorable experience during your time at CMS?

We found ourselves working in Jindy on a pow day pre ski resorts opening so took the opportunity to hike up Thredbo and do a few laps. Fin the chainy had never seen snow before but was convinced that he could snowboard. He proceeded to roll and somersault down the hill.

What weird surveying habits do you find yourself doing outside of work?

I love reading maps and about the history of a location. Especially in an Australian specific context. Also love pointing out survey marks and take pictures of any I see overseas.

What sets apart CMS from others in the industry? What has made you stay?

Great culture and people. We embrace new technologies and do things the proper way.

Best place you’ve travelled to and why?

Canada – happy memories being a ski bum.

What’s a skill or hobby you have outside of work that surprises people?

No surprises here – I like to eat nice food and cook nice food.

Favourite movie and book?

Movie: Wolf of Wall Street or Inglorious Basterds

Book: Marching Powder or Scar Tissue

Where do you think surveying as an industry is headed?

Surveyors have to be the masters of all the measurement methods and interpreting/communicating the data to other professions accurately and efficiently. Our fieldwork will be quicker and we’ll spend more time collaborating with the other professions.

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