8 Chifley Square​

CBD, Sydney NSW

33 storey high-rise set out including curved curtain wall

As principal surveying contractor, CMS Surveyors provided our client, Mirvac Constructions, with full-time survey services for 2 years. No. 8 Chifley Square is an innovative and progressive 30 storey commercial tower. CMS Surveyors were responsible for the set out of all major building elements including the concrete superstructure, precast mega columns, structural steel and lift cores, mega struts and facade bracing, and external steel fire stairs.

The unique design of this project created many surveying challenges. The 18 metre mega struts supporting the 30 storey structure were installed using precise surveying techniques, achieving required building tolerances and avoiding construction delays

Surveying services provided for
Concrete superstructure
Precast mega columns
Structural steel and lift cores
Mega struts and facade bracing
External steel fire stairs
Project partners
Mirvac Constructions

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